How to train like a Victoria’s Secret Model

Hello again,

It has been a while, but i am back! So i am almost ready with the university and I have a job, starting the 10th of February!

While the Victoria’s Secret models always look amazing when they strut their stuff on the runway at the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in their little lingerie looks, they obviously prepare in advance for the big day! Luckily, these gals also have great genes and a healthy lifestyle so suiting up isn’t as intimidating as it might be for the average gal — but that doesn’t mean they haven’t kicked their diet and workout routine into high gear! So, what does a lingerie model do to make sure she’ll look good wearing next to nothing?

Now i want to get my body more in shape and i have been looking online what kind of workout I’ve needing. I foud a great youtube channel: XHIT Daily

I start with three kind of workouts:

  1. How to train like a Victoria’s Secret Model
  2. The Mila Kunis Workout

  3. Victoria’s Secret Angel Butt Workout

It really works great and I can do it whenever I want and have time. I will but some pictures down of the progress!



Summer or winter, it doesn’t matter Squat your ass of!!

Yes that is my new wake up line… Squat my ass off, and it really works.

You know they say there comes a them that youre body doesnt stay the way you want, but in my 25 years my ass was really nice because i ride my horses every they. But then there was a ugly day that i looked in the mirrow and thought YEAYKS were is my big butt. hahah

So i looked online what to do next, and i found my answer Squat challange 30 days, okaai there will be a lot of blogs that write about it. But it is really great. On youtube you will find video’s so you can make youre on ritual exercises. Things you want to work on, The inside of my thighs and around my buttock area may be tighter, I also want additional train my abs. It does not even take much time but it works. Every day 15 minutes and you’re done!

At first i did the 30 days squat challenge and now  i do everyday 80 squats with weights that you train your muscles. In addition, three different abdominal exercises. And three types of exercises where your legs are tighter. I will indicate below the youtube link so that you can get some inspiration out of here.

Youtube Channel:

  • XHIT Daily
  • Womensworkoutchannel
If you have any tips for me, Let me know about it = D

Getting my energy back,

So my summerholidays are almost over at the 26. of August i’m starting at my new and last internship. But the last week i’m feeling down and tiered, mine motivation is low and laying on the couch is normaly not something i do all day. But the sun is gone in Holland and wenn you look outside you don’t think its summer time.

Now i train 3 till 4 horses a day but i want to do something that gets my energy back and makes my body get in more better shape.

So 3 things i wanna do:


A recent study in the Journal of Nutrition found that women suffering from dehydration felt fatigued, unfocused, and unhappy. Be sure to sip plenty of water or other beverages to stay alert.



Scientists have discovered the fountain of youth—it’s running. Studies continue to find that hitting the roads improves health and well-being.

They say that wenn you run that you function better, you built bone, think faster, stay sharper, sleep tighter, breathe easier and live longer!!  And ofcourse you lose weight.

So of today i am gonna start building up my running sessions.


I know you normal start with this in the spring, but i have been so busy with training my horses everyday that i am gonna do start today with this exercise.

30 Day Challenge Squat
The 30 Day Challenge Squat is popular abroad. Time to catch up! It’s simple, you do it at home (or in the gym) and anyone can join. You go in the challenge to battle with unwanted pits and dents in your body – thanks, cellulite! – And is working on a stronger body. And you do this by only doing one exercise: the squat.

What do you need? A few minutes of your time and possibly weights if you are an advanced squat-queen. A month do 23 days squat exercises. You follow the schedule to see how many reps you should do every day. A rep means squat. On day one you start with 50 reps, then 50 squats, and on day 30 you add 250. Do not worry, the number is quietly built up so even the most sporting-a person can last.

Ode to squats

If you are doing a squat, train your buttocks and legs in one motion. Strength athletes use squats mainly to train their legs. Do not be afraid that you will look like a bodybuilder, there are simply not built for women. It is also a good exercise to work on a clean, smooth derriere. And who would not? If you suffer from thighs touching each other, this challenge is a win-win situation. Squats help partly against this ‘problem’.


You can check out youtube for videos of the 30 DAY SQUAT Challenge!!

I hope you have learned something from this article!

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