Clip-in Hair extensions

So i wear clip-in extensions for almost a year, at first because i had cut my on hair very short and i really disliked it.. and after my on hair was getting longer i loved the curls that i could made wenn i had the exensions in.

Now are my own extensions not so nice anymore, they are from the webshop Luxury For Princesses but the quality did not last long. So i donno with brand i have to choise for my next set of clip-in extensions.

There are a lot of webshop and a lot have free shipping so it doesnt matter if they have to come from America. I have investigate a few of them and will tell you the pros and cons of them..

The next brands a looked up for reviews:

– Luxy Hair    

– BellaMi        

– SKR Hair      

So at first i read a few reviews of the extensions from Luxy Hair.

They have 3 different sets of extensions. The first one is 120 gram set for finer hair, the second one is 160 gram set for medium to thicker hair and the last one is 220 gram for thicker hair.


  • Their affordable
  • Customer Service writes back either same day or the next day.
  • They refunded money.
  • The owners are sisters “Luxy sisters” on youtube. They have great tutorials and videos. The extensions they have look great.


  • The lighter colors are different in real then on the photo.
  • It sheds
  • The hair is starting to feel rough, it has lost it’s softness


Luxy Hair extensions

A review of the Bellami hair extensions.

They have 2 sets, the first one is called the Bambina, and is the smaller one. This set it 160g of hair and the length of the hair is 20 inches. The second set is called the Bellissima, and is longer and thicker. It is 220g of hair and 22 inches long.


  • The customer service at Bellami is phenomenal
  • Hair is packaged in the 2-flap plastic packaging, with a small compartment for a tester strip, and the rest of the hair sealed in the larger compartment.
  • No tangling or ratting after washing
  • Shipping is a $5 flat rate to anywhere in the world
  • Good quality of hair


  • The 22″ extensions has thin ends
  • Little tufts of hair that would fall out when you brush the hair


At last i a review of SKR Hair.

They have 3 sets of clip in extensions, all 3 have different length,  16, 18 and 20 inch.


  • Currently offering free worldwide delivery
  • Quick shipping
  • Thick hair


  • Dry hair really quickly
  • Ends split wenn you use flat or curling iron
  • Color doesn’t always match


SKR Hair in packaging

So if i have to make a choice i would go for the Bellami hair extensions, all 3 brands are in the same price range. But when i looked up the reviews, the Bellami extensions came out as best of the 3 brands in mine opinion. They now also sell styling tools on there website!


Did you tried any of these brands of do you have a other opinion please let me know!

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