Summer or winter, it doesn’t matter Squat your ass of!!

Yes that is my new wake up line… Squat my ass off, and it really works.

You know they say there comes a them that youre body doesnt stay the way you want, but in my 25 years my ass was really nice because i ride my horses every they. But then there was a ugly day that i looked in the mirrow and thought YEAYKS were is my big butt. hahah

So i looked online what to do next, and i found my answer Squat challange 30 days, okaai there will be a lot of blogs that write about it. But it is really great. On youtube you will find video’s so you can make youre on ritual exercises. Things you want to work on, The inside of my thighs and around my buttock area may be tighter, I also want additional train my abs. It does not even take much time but it works. Every day 15 minutes and you’re done!

At first i did the 30 days squat challenge and now  i do everyday 80 squats with weights that you train your muscles. In addition, three different abdominal exercises. And three types of exercises where your legs are tighter. I will indicate below the youtube link so that you can get some inspiration out of here.

Youtube Channel:

  • XHIT Daily
  • Womensworkoutchannel
If you have any tips for me, Let me know about it = D

What to do: To be a step ahead of the Winter depression

If the winter depression is not caused by a lack of daylight, what can we do to be the winter blues, with all its annoying signs and symptoms such enormous fatigue, one step ahead? Anyone who is depressed has a low level of vitamin D. How can we overcome the winter blues through our diet and lots of physical activity and exercise? Can therapy help?



Lets see:

Reduced vitamin D levels during depression
Anyone who has depression, or IS depressed, has low Vitamin D levels. Preventing depression may mean that we must complete our shortage of Vitamin D. The first step to get rid of depression is power up the lack of vitamin D in our bodies.

How do we get Vitamin D
Vitamin D is found in:

  • all oily fish (salmon, sardines, herring and mackerel for example)
  • sunlight
  • cod-liver oil

Summer, increased physical activity
A particularly interesting theory is that the short, dark and cold days people rather stay warm inside, then go outside. Summers are full on physical activity: we ride, we walk, we play football, we swim, we gardening, we exercise, we jogging and etc. We are quite moving.

Wintertime: physical activity falls a bit silent

In winter movement for many people is virtually silent. Especially if we do nothing but sit at home and only leave the house to shopping(by car) and go to work (by car). By stimulating movement through the bloodstream thus have considerable breathing significantly and thereby create a regular flow of oxygen, get our brain cells a thorough power of oxygen. Every man snaps of it on!

Negative ions basis of depression
The air consists of negative and positive ions. By a surplus of electrical appliances at home is the natural ion balance is disturbed. Positively charged ions are in the upper hand. Scientists suspect that the shortage of negative ions in the air a very large contribution to (among others)

  • depression,
  • sleep disorders,
  • irritability,
  • fatigue,
  • lack of concentration.

Salt Lamp
Salt lamps have the remarkable gift to restore the balance by blasting negative ions in the air.  We spend a lot of time in the living room, where presumably quite a few electrical appliances (TV, video, DVD, Blu-ray, satellite receiver, CD player, radio, telephone, it is a huge collection of devices in the living room) also spend their time. Put a salt lamp in the living room and the workplace (computer, CD, radio) home where many electrical appliances are.


Laugh, laugh a lot
Would you during your life,  really roar of laughter every day for an hour – taken over a day – would man be free from any possible form of depression! Vultures laugh, cry and roar of laughter, which is what we need in a real winter blues! The problem is that there is not much need for social contact during a winter depression. One hour (minimaal!) vultures per day of laughter while watching comedy movies and laugh is also excellent! But laugh! Every day! The rest of your life: laugh, laugh, laugh!

Can light therapy help
The results are very different. One has a lot to gain by taking against winter depression, light therapy another barely noticed results. Contact the doctor if you suspect that there is a winter depression in play and it is suspected that light therapy can help!



Getting my energy back,

So my summerholidays are almost over at the 26. of August i’m starting at my new and last internship. But the last week i’m feeling down and tiered, mine motivation is low and laying on the couch is normaly not something i do all day. But the sun is gone in Holland and wenn you look outside you don’t think its summer time.

Now i train 3 till 4 horses a day but i want to do something that gets my energy back and makes my body get in more better shape.

So 3 things i wanna do:


A recent study in the Journal of Nutrition found that women suffering from dehydration felt fatigued, unfocused, and unhappy. Be sure to sip plenty of water or other beverages to stay alert.



Scientists have discovered the fountain of youth—it’s running. Studies continue to find that hitting the roads improves health and well-being.

They say that wenn you run that you function better, you built bone, think faster, stay sharper, sleep tighter, breathe easier and live longer!!  And ofcourse you lose weight.

So of today i am gonna start building up my running sessions.


I know you normal start with this in the spring, but i have been so busy with training my horses everyday that i am gonna do start today with this exercise.

30 Day Challenge Squat
The 30 Day Challenge Squat is popular abroad. Time to catch up! It’s simple, you do it at home (or in the gym) and anyone can join. You go in the challenge to battle with unwanted pits and dents in your body – thanks, cellulite! – And is working on a stronger body. And you do this by only doing one exercise: the squat.

What do you need? A few minutes of your time and possibly weights if you are an advanced squat-queen. A month do 23 days squat exercises. You follow the schedule to see how many reps you should do every day. A rep means squat. On day one you start with 50 reps, then 50 squats, and on day 30 you add 250. Do not worry, the number is quietly built up so even the most sporting-a person can last.

Ode to squats

If you are doing a squat, train your buttocks and legs in one motion. Strength athletes use squats mainly to train their legs. Do not be afraid that you will look like a bodybuilder, there are simply not built for women. It is also a good exercise to work on a clean, smooth derriere. And who would not? If you suffer from thighs touching each other, this challenge is a win-win situation. Squats help partly against this ‘problem’.


You can check out youtube for videos of the 30 DAY SQUAT Challenge!!

I hope you have learned something from this article!

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Dr. Grandel Beauty XPRESS

Dr. Grandel works with selected ingredients from nature, which are connected with the latest scientific research and modern production techniques. The products provide an intensive force, excellent efficacy and skin tolerability.

Dr. Grandel products are produced under almost the same requirements as medicines. Consistently implemented hygiene and control provisions ensure that the use of preservatives can be reduced to a minimum.

The products of Dr. Grandel are not tested on animals, but on a voluntary test persons. It is Dr. Grandel in close cooperation with leading dermatologists

Beauty Xpress 3

BEAUTY XPRESS – energy x freshness x appearance

Beauty Xpress is for anyone to master life seems effortless and always looks fantastic in one way or another. For anyone who does not always have much time for daily beauty rituals, that at the cosmetic effect no concessions will do.

A friend of mine use and sells this product line and she send me some products of the line. And they are REALLY great, thats way i wanne tell you something about it. Also check out her website,


Stimulating 24 hour care to vitalize your skin.

Reload takes care of hiding your stress. This facial cream vitalizes and stimulates your skin, provides it with long-lasting moisture and protects it from premature ageing. Immediately after application your skin appears well taken care of and fresh.

What does it?

  • Provides the skin with moisture
  • Fresh look

Benefits and utility user

  • Protects the skin from environmental influences
  • Ensures fresh, vitalized complexion


  • In the morning and evening apply to cleansed skin of face, neck and dĂ©colletĂ©.

Skin Type

  • For mixed (some dry) or normal skin, very suitable for the affected skin with some wrinkles.

Important rebuilding ingredients

  • Hydra-Herba extract: nourishes the skin with long-lasting moisture and protects hair against moisture loss.
  • Lemon-Protect Complex: protects the skin from environmental influences and premature skin aging.
  • Caffeine: provides fresh, vitalized complexion.


Especially in the winter, when the skin new energy and freshness needs, bestows Reload again a fresh rosy complexion.



Cushioning and moisturizing 24 hour care.

This care cream is absorbed quickly and leaves a subtle flowery fragrance on your skin. It moisturizes immediately and intensively, and “cushions” early dryness wrinkles. It also enhances your skin’s resistance, and relaxing active ingredients have a calming anti-stress effect.

What does it?

  • Provides the skin with moisture
  • Acts as anti-stress program for the skin

Benefits and utility user

  • Protects skin from environmental stressors
  • Protects the skin against moisture loss


  • In the morning and evening apply to cleansed skin of face, neck and dĂ©colletĂ©.

Skin Type

  • For mixed, sensitive and somewhat drier skin
  • Also suitable for the affected skin with wrinkles

Important rebuilding ingredients

  • Hydra-Herba complex: long-term care of the skin with moisture and protects hair against moisture loss
  • Lemon-Protect Complex: protects the skin from environmental influences and premature skin aging
  • Skin-Resistance complex: works directly as an anti-stress program


If the skin is exposed to specific stressors (eg lots of sun, sun, dry air heating etc.), she particularly intense moisture and protection. Moisturize here is the perfect care with instant effect.



Gloss reducing 24 hour treatment for an even complexion

Innovative active ingredients give your skin a radiantly healthy and fresh appearance. Reduces glossiness and refines your complexion. A very light texture promotes fast absorption, and you will immediately feel the freshness of your skin accompanied by a pleasant floral aroma.

Operation and Features

  • The plant Complexion-Optimize complex (from bark extract and a sugar compound) convinces in different ways – the finer pores, a greasy complexion and skin matted image is refreshed in total.
  • The direct visible result: a smooth complexion and a nice look convincing.


  • care: In the morning and evening onto cleansed skin of face, neck and dĂ©colletĂ©.
  • concentrate: the morning and/or in the evening on cleansed face, neck and dĂ©colletĂ© and let you withdraw. Save the eye area, then apply an appropriate treatment of DR GRANDEL.


The mattifying and refining properties Optimize is also an ideal care product for men. They not only appreciate the positive effect but also the light texture

eye contout

Eye Contour

Smoothening care to vitalize the area around the eyes

Innovative active ingredients in eye-contour cream simply beautify your eye area. Small lines and wrinkles are smoothened immediately, and the area around your eyes is vitalized and strengthened. Awakens even tired looking eyes!

And with the convenient roller-tube the use of eye-contour is very easy to apply.

What does it?

  • Provides a tight, firm eye area
  • Smooths fine lines and wrinkles smooth

Operation and Features

  • Bright-Eye Complex (contains caffeine and mice by extract) stimulates microcirculation and ensures a firm, tight eye area.
  • Black oats bestows intensive moisture and smooths fine lines and wrinkles.


  • In the morning and evening after cleansing and before applying the skin care cream around the eye area with the cooling sphere of roll-on tube, avoid contact with the eyelashes.

Skin Type

  • Suitable for normal, greasy and some drier skin.


If Eye Contour kept in the refrigerator, faster results upon swelling has been seen.


The Ampoule

Smoothening and energy providing concentrate of active ingredients

Concentrate of active ingredients with a “soft-focus-effect”. Your skin gets vitalized, moisturized, smoothened and firmed. A refreshing burst of energy with a “wow-effect”.

A wedding, a date or another important special event? The vial should be your first choice. The impressive immediate effect guarantees a fresh and radiantly beautiful complexion.

What does it?

  • Have visible smoothing and relaxing effect on facial expression lines and wrinkles
  • Donates freshness


  • Concentrate shake before use. Neck of the ampoule with a tissuee or tool to open at the breaking point (dot) open. The total content on the cleansed face, neck and dĂ©colletĂ© divide, eye area save. Subsequently, an appropriate DR. GRANDEL nourishing cream

Operation and Features

  • Scentless Chamomile: Has a visible smoothing and relaxing effect on facial expression lines and wrinkles.
  • Algae Extract: Does intensive moisturizing.
  • Light-reflecting pigments: Donate freshness and radiance thanks to the “soft-focus effect.”

Skin Type

  • The ampoule is suitable for every skin type


Because of the direct effect is impressive The ampoule also optimal when it comes to looking at numerous events and important events to look good.  Whether it is the first appointment, a party of the case or a wedding, the ampoule guarantees a fresh, bright and beautiful complexion.


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