The winter is upon us, it is getting colder! So i say Turtlenecks =D

This fall you need to have at least one tutleneck in your closet, it not only trendy but also warm.. You can wear them just how you like it, some juwellery to pimp it up. There are small turtlenecks and over the top turtlenecks.

My experience with turtlenecks are not so good because my breasts are bigger, my opinion is that they seemed even more, when I had a turtleneck on. But now there are different models with larger and looser turtlenecks  and this copy will be added in my closet!

Turtlenecks have quite an interesting backstory. This style dates back to the 15th century, and in the 20th century they began to become associated with academics, philosophers, intellectuals and artists (talk about chic). When the 1950s rolled around, women started putting a feminine spin on the turtleneck, making it a preppy and classic style staple for hip housewives and fashionable coeds alike. Today, the turtleneck has become an essential ingredient in the closest of most street style mavens. It’s a traditional look that will always be in vogue.






Micheal Kors





Cropped Sweater

I have a lot beautifull chiffon blouses in my closet, but i cant wear them all to the office because you van see trough them, but Mango has a solution for me!


Mango – Korte gebreide trui

ref. 13023593 – Pad
Perfect so you can’t see everything! You can use the sweater for a lot of styles. I found different Cropped Sweaters on the internet!
Women’s Heart Crop Knit Jumper – Navy/White (


Lauren Conrad And Kohl's Department Stores Celebrate "LC Lauren Conrad"





Make up trend fall winter 2013/2014: LIPS

I was so happy to read this news, because i love red lips.

Autumn and winter 2013 2014 we can fully wear red lipstick again. In all possible shades of red you can think of. From bright red to cherry red, the focus is on the lips this fall and winter. Also the lip pencil comes back.







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Nail polish trends fall 2013

So what are we gonna do with our nails when the temperature is gonna get down. One quick Google and you’ll find intricate instructions for how to do most anything with your nails (leopard manis, or covered with intricate lace) which is exactly why the trends on the fall runways were reassuring for those of us less, well, adventurous.

I loved my pink summer nails but i have changes my colors  for fall in dark neutrals: black or oxblood. Feeling daring? Add a shot of metal to your midnight mani, or just go full-on metallic. And if you really want to dip your toe into the wild world of nail art, a sophisticated 3D accent (lace, glitter, crystals) is my chic suggestion.


New York Fashion Week, black hall moon.

Fall’s 9 Hottest Nail Polish Colors

  • Navy Blue

  • Purple

  • Blood Red

  • Classic Nude

  •  Chocolate Brown

  • Gray

  • Teal

  • Burnt Orange

  • Metallic chrome




What do you think of the fall/winter colors?!