How to train like a Victoria’s Secret Model

Hello again,

It has been a while, but i am back! So i am almost ready with the university and I have a job, starting the 10th of February!

While the Victoria’s Secret models always look amazing when they strut their stuff on the runway at the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in their little lingerie looks, they obviously prepare in advance for the big day! Luckily, these gals also have great genes and a healthy lifestyle so suiting up isn’t as intimidating as it might be for the average gal — but that doesn’t mean they haven’t kicked their diet and workout routine into high gear! So, what does a lingerie model do to make sure she’ll look good wearing next to nothing?

Now i want to get my body more in shape and i have been looking online what kind of workout I’ve needing. I foud a great youtube channel: XHIT Daily

I start with three kind of workouts:

  1. How to train like a Victoria’s Secret Model
  2. The Mila Kunis Workout

  3. Victoria’s Secret Angel Butt Workout

It really works great and I can do it whenever I want and have time. I will but some pictures down of the progress!



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