These boots are made for walking =)

The search for the perfect pair of boots is about to begin.. from ankle to boots to the knee .. Which one do you like.?


supertrash-regenlaars-quiltedrainBy Supertrash the Regenlaars Quiltedrain

790__452205535__zwarte-poelman-platte-enkellaarsBy Poelman Platte enkellaars

563__-1049801851__sacha-laars-met-bedelriempjeBy Sacha Laarzen met bedelriem

69__-950956864__zwarte-michael-kors-rubberlaars-mk-croco-rainbootieBy Michael Kors Rubberlaarzen MK CROCO RAINBOOTIE

69__-950956864__zwarte-michael-kors-rubberlaars-mk-croco-rainbootie 164__1696367370__leren-flat-bikerboots-daria-canvas-zwartBy Michael Kors Leren Flat bikerboots Daria canvas

652__-1272465623__jeanmichel-cazabat-pepe-enkellaarsjes-met-hoge-hak-zwartBy Jean-Michel Cazabat PEPE Enkellaarsjes




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