Dior Golden Winter collection 2013

The new golden winter christmas collection from Dior is beautifull! It has a luxurious look and the colors are great. It will but a few items down here.

The collection includes : Diorific Vernis a limited edition in 4 shades shades : Royale, fuchsia pink; Marilyn, red; Minuit, plum with glitter and Winter, a pinkish gold ; Diorific Duo Nails, a caviar mani kit,

5 Couleurs Eye Shades ; Diorific lipstick gets a metallic infusion in Diva, a ruby red, Etoile, a beige, Royale, icy rosewood, Winter, a brownish red and Minuit, a fuchsia ; Diorific Perfumed Illuminating Powder,a highlighter scented with J’adore ; Diorblush in golden pink and a raspberry.

Dior PerfumedDiorific Perfumed Illuminating Powder, €70, Perle D’Or

dior-golden-winter-2013-collection-7Diorific Lipstick, €36


Diorific Duo Nails, €38.50

dior-golden-winter-2013-collectionDiorific Vernis, €25.50

dior-golden-winter-2013-collection-85 Couleurs Eye Shadows €55


Diorblush, €42.50

What do you want for Christmas



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