The winter is upon us, it is getting colder! So i say Turtlenecks =D

This fall you need to have at least one tutleneck in your closet, it not only trendy but also warm.. You can wear them just how you like it, some juwellery to pimp it up. There are small turtlenecks and over the top turtlenecks.

My experience with turtlenecks are not so good because my breasts are bigger, my opinion is that they seemed even more, when I had a turtleneck on. But now there are different models with larger and looser turtlenecks  and this copy will be added in my closet!

Turtlenecks have quite an interesting backstory. This style dates back to the 15th century, and in the 20th century they began to become associated with academics, philosophers, intellectuals and artists (talk about chic). When the 1950s rolled around, women started putting a feminine spin on the turtleneck, making it a preppy and classic style staple for hip housewives and fashionable coeds alike. Today, the turtleneck has become an essential ingredient in the closest of most street style mavens. It’s a traditional look that will always be in vogue.






Micheal Kors





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