My Pre-Fall Shopping List

If you look outside you don’t think about the fact that fall is coming up. In Holland this week it is still 28 until 31 degrees. But it will be shortly be colder and we can where our jackets, scarves and cute boots again! A little bit I am looking forward to the nice cold nights lying on the couch with my blanked watching my favorite TV shows.

So what is more imported than to make a list of all the things that must be in my fall wardrobe =D



The Essentials:

–          Make a statement this fall with a eye-catching outerwear

–          Super cute hat, I already have one from the Primark but one is not enough!

–          A animal print blazer (A)

–          Skirt in the color emerald green

–          Cropped sweater so I can LAYER LAYER LAYER!!!

–          A beautiful white sweater that I can wear on a skirt to work.. (office outfit :P)

–          Something military-inspired look

–          Perfect leather jacket






The non essentials that I need to get and I will think of a reason way I should, an other time:

–          A lot of different hosiery’s

–          A statement pants, so I can go wild in the weekend when I am of work yeaah!

–          Party dress because I still haven’t got enough






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