What to do: To be a step ahead of the Winter depression

If the winter depression is not caused by a lack of daylight, what can we do to be the winter blues, with all its annoying signs and symptoms such enormous fatigue, one step ahead? Anyone who is depressed has a low level of vitamin D. How can we overcome the winter blues through our diet and lots of physical activity and exercise? Can therapy help?



Lets see:

Reduced vitamin D levels during depression
Anyone who has depression, or IS depressed, has low Vitamin D levels. Preventing depression may mean that we must complete our shortage of Vitamin D. The first step to get rid of depression is power up the lack of vitamin D in our bodies.

How do we get Vitamin D
Vitamin D is found in:

  • all oily fish (salmon, sardines, herring and mackerel for example)
  • sunlight
  • cod-liver oil

Summer, increased physical activity
A particularly interesting theory is that the short, dark and cold days people rather stay warm inside, then go outside. Summers are full on physical activity: we ride, we walk, we play football, we swim, we gardening, we exercise, we jogging and etc. We are quite moving.

Wintertime: physical activity falls a bit silent

In winter movement for many people is virtually silent. Especially if we do nothing but sit at home and only leave the house to shopping(by car) and go to work (by car). By stimulating movement through the bloodstream thus have considerable breathing significantly and thereby create a regular flow of oxygen, get our brain cells a thorough power of oxygen. Every man snaps of it on!

Negative ions basis of depression
The air consists of negative and positive ions. By a surplus of electrical appliances at home is the natural ion balance is disturbed. Positively charged ions are in the upper hand. Scientists suspect that the shortage of negative ions in the air a very large contribution to (among others)

  • depression,
  • sleep disorders,
  • irritability,
  • fatigue,
  • lack of concentration.

Salt Lamp
Salt lamps have the remarkable gift to restore the balance by blasting negative ions in the air.  We spend a lot of time in the living room, where presumably quite a few electrical appliances (TV, video, DVD, Blu-ray, satellite receiver, CD player, radio, telephone, it is a huge collection of devices in the living room) also spend their time. Put a salt lamp in the living room and the workplace (computer, CD, radio) home where many electrical appliances are.


Laugh, laugh a lot
Would you during your life,  really roar of laughter every day for an hour – taken over a day – would man be free from any possible form of depression! Vultures laugh, cry and roar of laughter, which is what we need in a real winter blues! The problem is that there is not much need for social contact during a winter depression. One hour (minimaal!) vultures per day of laughter while watching comedy movies and laugh is also excellent! But laugh! Every day! The rest of your life: laugh, laugh, laugh!

Can light therapy help
The results are very different. One has a lot to gain by taking against winter depression, light therapy another barely noticed results. Contact the doctor if you suspect that there is a winter depression in play and it is suspected that light therapy can help!




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