DIY Cut Out leggings

I was cleaning up my closed and found 2 leggings that i nearly wear because they are boring haha.

So instead off throwing away the leggings i wanna pimp them. So what better idea is than shape them in Cut Out leggings?!


Kendall Jenner with a cut out legging

So lets begin, you need a legging (ofcourse), scissors, tape-measure and some scotch tape.

At first you measure how big the distance should be en how big you want the holes to be. I choose 2 inch for the length of the hole and 1 inch between the holes.

DIY cut out leggings

With the scotch tape you can mark at which places you want the holes to be.


Then you cut with the scissors next to the tape. When you wear leggings, you can always make the holes bigger if you like.


TATAAAA and finished =) Cut out in the front.. I also made one at the side, i will share that photo on Instagram..


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