Bobbi Brown my new Love

Sorry Guys I have been away for much to long. So I will write some new blogs for you =D

I have a new love, Bobbi Brown Make up! It is so nice and beautifull. Because it is not so cheap I will need some time to let my collection grow. I had bought the foundation, concealer kit and corrector.  It stays flawless and I looks really natural.

Also I have the Bobbi Brown Hydrating eye cream, because yes yes I see that I am getting older haha.

Creamy Comcealer Kit

Cremy Concealer kit, 33,00-

Conceal and set in one portable kit. Bobbi’s Creamy Concealer blends easily to instantly cover and brighten dark circles. It also helps maintain skin’s moisture levels for a smooth, virtually line-less look. Fuss-free pressed powder sets concealer for long-lasting wear.


Corrector, 28,00-

A wakeup call for tired eyes. Corrector is pink- or peach-based to neutralize under-eye darkness and is designed to be used before Creamy Concealer. New and improved formula is long-wearing and brightens dark circles with quick, just-right coverage that’s easy to blend and won’t crease. And since great makeup starts with healthy skin, Corrector is infused with skin conditioners to protect the delicate under-eye area.


Foundation, 42,00-

A truly modern foundation that offers invisible, weightless coverage that looks like skin, not makeup. This long-wearing formula evens tone, minimizes the appearance of pores, conceals imperfections, and offers broad spectrum UV protection. Its hydrating technology leaves skin feeling cushioned, comfortable, and clean. Ideal for all skin types.

eye cream

Hydrating Eye Cream, 40,00-

This quick-absorbing eye cream delivers naturally-occurring humectants that melt into the skin, leaving the eye area soft, smooth and refreshed for up to 24 hours. A perfect level of emollients imparts a lightweight texture, allowing concealer to glide on evenly – Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel Extract soothe and comfort; Jojoba Seed, Avocado Oil and Squalane condition and revive continuously.

Let me know it you want to know more! Love you all


Dresses for the holidays! NYE Dress

The holidays are coming, I’ve been looking for a glamorous dress for NYE!! The following models stand out glamourous!
What do you think about them? Or do you have a tip for me… let me know  (The dresses are for sale in Holland/Webshops)

The sturdy fabric bandage bandage dress accentuates the right parts of your body.

Bodycon dress

Bandage Dress





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Dior Golden Winter collection 2013

The new golden winter christmas collection from Dior is beautifull! It has a luxurious look and the colors are great. It will but a few items down here.

The collection includes : Diorific Vernis a limited edition in 4 shades shades : Royale, fuchsia pink; Marilyn, red; Minuit, plum with glitter and Winter, a pinkish gold ; Diorific Duo Nails, a caviar mani kit,

5 Couleurs Eye Shades ; Diorific lipstick gets a metallic infusion in Diva, a ruby red, Etoile, a beige, Royale, icy rosewood, Winter, a brownish red and Minuit, a fuchsia ; Diorific Perfumed Illuminating Powder,a highlighter scented with J’adore ; Diorblush in golden pink and a raspberry.

Dior PerfumedDiorific Perfumed Illuminating Powder, €70, Perle D’Or

dior-golden-winter-2013-collection-7Diorific Lipstick, €36


Diorific Duo Nails, €38.50

dior-golden-winter-2013-collectionDiorific Vernis, €25.50

dior-golden-winter-2013-collection-85 Couleurs Eye Shadows €55


Diorblush, €42.50

What do you want for Christmas



The winter is upon us, it is getting colder! So i say Turtlenecks =D

This fall you need to have at least one tutleneck in your closet, it not only trendy but also warm.. You can wear them just how you like it, some juwellery to pimp it up. There are small turtlenecks and over the top turtlenecks.

My experience with turtlenecks are not so good because my breasts are bigger, my opinion is that they seemed even more, when I had a turtleneck on. But now there are different models with larger and looser turtlenecks  and this copy will be added in my closet!

Turtlenecks have quite an interesting backstory. This style dates back to the 15th century, and in the 20th century they began to become associated with academics, philosophers, intellectuals and artists (talk about chic). When the 1950s rolled around, women started putting a feminine spin on the turtleneck, making it a preppy and classic style staple for hip housewives and fashionable coeds alike. Today, the turtleneck has become an essential ingredient in the closest of most street style mavens. It’s a traditional look that will always be in vogue.








Micheal Kors





DIY: Different Hair Mask

O god bad hair day or do you have hair that feels lifeless and dull and you don’t know what to do anymore?  There are many products on the market that are damaged try to prevent it. This does not always work. This is because there are chemicals in many products that are not always good for your hair. If you suffer from damaged hair I  recommended to  used a hair mask with ‘natural’ products. It is really easy to make one yourself. I will give some examples what products you can use with different kinds of problems.


Hair Mask for damaged hair

If you suffer from damaged hair feel your hair dry and brittle to the touch and the rough structure. Proper treatment of your hair can minimize the damage. It is therefore advisable to use a hair mask once a week.
For this hair mask you need the following ingredients:
• a dash of olive oil
How does it work

The quantity of oil saves per length of the hair. Make your own judgment about how much your hair needs. Then warm the olive oil to a pleasant temperature. Be careful however that it is not too hot. This can hurt and is also very bad for your hair. Divide the hair mask now generously over your hair and wrap it well. This can be done using aluminum foil. Leave the mask for about thirty minutes and rinse the mask off again.


Hair mask for brittle hair

One of the worst things that can happen to a woman’s hair that it breaks. Having brittle hair can be caused by several things. So it can be because you often style t hair or curls. But it may be that you have a deficiency of certain nutrients.

For this hair mask you need the following ingredients:
• a banana
• a tablespoon of olive oil

How does it work
First we mash the banana until it becomes a smooth mixture. If you’ve done this, add the olive oil to the mixture and then you mix it until it’s a whole. Divide the hair mask now generously over your hair and wrap it well. This can be done using aluminum foil. Let the mask sit for about thirty minutes and then wash it off.


Hair mask for dry hair

Having dry hair can be a serious problem form. The cause of dry hair is that the hair has not enough moisture. This may be due to many things such as sunshine, hair dyes, chlorine etc. If you suffer from dry hair prone to get Frizzy and fragile hair.

For this hair mask you need the following ingredients:
• one or two overripe avocados

How does it work
This is one of the easiest recipes for a hair mask. All we need is one or two overripe avocados. It lies just to the length of your hair how much we need. Mash the avocados along until there arises a sauce. Divide the sauce now generously over your hair and wrap it well. This can be done using aluminum foil. Let the mask sit for about thirty minutes and it was her mask off again.

Hair mask for lifeless hair
Sometimes you have those days when you wake up and there is no volume or energy in your hair. The hair hang loose down and it’s a disaster to get the hair in some kind of model. Some women have some experience but for many women lifeless hair is a daily problem.

For this hair mask you need the following supplies:
• an egg
• Three tablespoons mayonnaise
• half a tablespoon of olive oil

How does it work
We start first with the beating of the egg. If you’ve done this, add the mayonnaise and olive oil to the egg mixture. Then stir the mixture well, this will be a smooth mask creation. Spread the mask now generously over your hair and wrap it well. This can be done using aluminum foil. Leave the mask withdraw about thirty minutes and then wash your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water


My new favorite brand “Rinascimento”

About Rinascimento

Rinascimento was founded in 1961 by Vittio Tadei, with headquarters in Bologna. In addition, the brand has two offices in Milan and showrooms in Paris, New York, London, Moscow, Amsterdam, Lyon and Marseille.

The collections

Rinascimento clothing stands for top quality at an affordable price. Each season, the brand comes with the finest Italian designs to ensure that the woman of today looks great everyday. With both apparel for business as for the home, you will find your entire wardrobe at Rinascimento. The collections of Rinascimento focus on the young woman who loves trends but quality will. For example, we see great portable hip dresses, luxury leather jackjes spicy and original tops … In addition to a round fashion collection, Rinascimento also has a selection of shoes and accessories.

In Maastricht (Holland) they sell the clothing brand at the store Sandro Ferrone (you have seen this in other articles of mine). The fall/winter collection 2013 is dropping in every week, and the stuff is really great! I will put some pictures down below so you can make up your mind what you think of this brand.

Rinascimento heart dress

Rinascimento dress










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Make up trend fall winter 2013/2014: LIPS

I was so happy to read this news, because i love red lips.

Autumn and winter 2013 2014 we can fully wear red lipstick again. In all possible shades of red you can think of. From bright red to cherry red, the focus is on the lips this fall and winter. Also the lip pencil comes back.







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How to train like a Victoria’s Secret Model

Hello again,

It has been a while, but i am back! So i am almost ready with the university and I have a job, starting the 10th of February!

While the Victoria’s Secret models always look amazing when they strut their stuff on the runway at the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in their little lingerie looks, they obviously prepare in advance for the big day! Luckily, these gals also have great genes and a healthy lifestyle so suiting up isn’t as intimidating as it might be for the average gal — but that doesn’t mean they haven’t kicked their diet and workout routine into high gear! So, what does a lingerie model do to make sure she’ll look good wearing next to nothing?

Now i want to get my body more in shape and i have been looking online what kind of workout I’ve needing. I foud a great youtube channel: XHIT Daily

I start with three kind of workouts:

  1. How to train like a Victoria’s Secret Model
  2. The Mila Kunis Workout

  3. Victoria’s Secret Angel Butt Workout

It really works great and I can do it whenever I want and have time. I will but some pictures down of the progress!


Trend: Over-the-knee boots

The over-the-knee boots are back and even a huge trend this winter.

Warm, these boots definitely are, they cover a large part of your leg. Balmain and Philip Lim introduced this over-the-knee boots already on the runway for fall / winter 2013. We have also been celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Heide Klum and Beyonce spotted with knee boots. This boot can be combined in different ways. Both classy and sporty chic.

What do you think about it? Love or hate it…




Latest Over-the-knee Shoes Trend For Winter 2013 4


overknee boots


Derek Lam show featured the same snakeskin trend. Derek’s show consisted of pointed wedge boots.

Chanel overknee boots


Chanel fall 2013 collection




Timberland 14″ Waterproof Knee Boots

Musthave make up!

So my mam wants me to writhe a list of things that i would like to have for christmas.. Make up is always good =) So i went on looking what things are there that i want and need.. Everything 😉

So i found some things that i would like to share white you guys… Does someone have some experience with the stuff and brands? Let me know if they are worth it.

The Zoeva Nude Palette

Zoeva Nude Palette

Barry M Shadow & Blush Palette – Natural Glow


BH Party Girl Palette


MAC Divine Night Holiday Colour Collection


Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick


Benefits Groovy kinda love


These boots are made for walking =)

The search for the perfect pair of boots is about to begin.. from ankle to boots to the knee .. Which one do you like.?


supertrash-regenlaars-quiltedrainBy Supertrash the Regenlaars Quiltedrain

790__452205535__zwarte-poelman-platte-enkellaarsBy Poelman Platte enkellaars

563__-1049801851__sacha-laars-met-bedelriempjeBy Sacha Laarzen met bedelriem

69__-950956864__zwarte-michael-kors-rubberlaars-mk-croco-rainbootieBy Michael Kors Rubberlaarzen MK CROCO RAINBOOTIE

69__-950956864__zwarte-michael-kors-rubberlaars-mk-croco-rainbootie 164__1696367370__leren-flat-bikerboots-daria-canvas-zwartBy Michael Kors Leren Flat bikerboots Daria canvas

652__-1272465623__jeanmichel-cazabat-pepe-enkellaarsjes-met-hoge-hak-zwartBy Jean-Michel Cazabat PEPE Enkellaarsjes